Mertzig - we are the village!

Money rules the world, they say. However, a small community in the north of Guttland does not want to accept this sad statement. The international movement for the “Economy for the Common Good” demands that the success of a company is measured by its attitude towards social values. The municipality of Mertzig has joined this idea and does thus pioneering work in Luxembourg.

These social values include the participation of the public in decision-making processes. During such a citizens' participation project, the people of Mertzig transformed their local history and their cultural heritage into something tangible and worth preserving: the thematic trail of Mertzig.

Did you know that in the past, houses were built almost exclusively with stones of regional or even local origin? The fact that each village of a certain importance had its own quarry explains the diversity of materials and colours in traditional architecture.  You can learn this and much more on the path of the Mäerzeger Steekaulen, which is a part of the before-mentioned thematic trail.

In addition to information about quarries and stonecutting, you will get to know the old mills of Mertzig. The route also includes a medicinal herbal garden, works by various Landart artists, as well as copies of the watercolour paintings by the famous Mertzig landscape painter Sosthène Weis (1872-1941).

There is no doubt that Mertzig has a long tradition. This also applies to the tradition of baking bread. If you would like to see for yourself, stop by the Bistro Kuuscht, where delicious farm dishes are served with homemade bread.