Wahl - small place, big discovery!

Rindschleiden (situated in the municipality of Wahl) proudly bears the title of the smallest village in Luxembourg. This pride is justified and Rindschleiden is definitely is worth a visit. Let alone because of its location! Hidden in a valley, far away from traffic and tumult, the village in which time seems to have stopped, can be reached via numerous hiking and cycling paths. A church from the 10th century stands out from a group of exemplarily renovated houses. With the simple architecture and the cemetery surrounding the church, it radiates an atmosphere of reflection that is not only the faithful can feel. The interior vaults are decorated with 15th and 16th century frescoes depicting biblical scenes in a typical style of medieval religious art.

The immediate vicinity of the church is spiritual, too! A meditation path winds its way over the grounds, where you can read quotes and wise saying. In addition to showing artistic installations, the path leads to an old baptismal font and to a source dedicated to Saint Willibrord.

An inn, located in the old school, offers delicious specialities to your earthly well-being in an original ambience. The Thillenvogtei rural museum invites you on a journey back in time to the old farm life with its exhibition of old agricultural implements and demonstrations of long-forgotten techniques.

Since September 2023, the communes of Grosbous and Wahl have merged.