Redange - forests, meadows, mythical creatures

The Kropemann is a legendary villain that lurks in the waters and pulls all children who dare to stand too close to the shore with his long hook into the depths. In Redingen un der Attert, where he is said to have his home, the Kropemann has become a true cult figure. Apart from the monument in front of the town hall and a wooden sculpture, there is also a big festival on the last Sunday in September in his honour.

As the Kropemann prefers the Attert water, you can easily take a plunge into one of the pools of the intercommunal swimming pool. The fearsome fiend has also never been seen in the fishing pond at the other end of the village and certainly not in the pond Um Hounig, where a magnificent mulching path connects the villages of Redingen and Ell.

Redingen, the main town of the largest canton of Luxembourg has a hilly meadow landscape. It is the starting point of the Wisen West Tour, a 36 km long route suited for experienced cyclists and one of the highlights of the Dällchen West Tour (medium difficulty). The Jhangeli West Tour, on the other hand, is ideal for leisurely cycling excursions with the family. The Jhangeli West Tour owes its name to a legendary narrow-gauge railway that used to run on this route. You can visit the small, restored railway station near Niederpallen.