Vichten - Place of residence of the Muses

For archaeology enthusiasts and friends of ancient arts, Vichten, the name of a peaceful little village in the north of Guttland, is synonymous with a sensational discovery known far beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy. In 1995, a wonderful Roman mosaic was found in an almost intact condition under the site of a Vichtener agricultural holding. It depicts the nine muses with the poet Homer. The work, which once adorned the floor of the reception room of a large Roman villa, was made in a workshop in Trier.

The 60 square metre original was assembled piece by piece in the Trier Museum and can now be admired in all its splendour in the Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art in Luxembourg City. However, a detailed copy of the work can be found in Vichten between the church and the parish hall. If you want to know more about the presence of the Romans in the region, you are welcome to book a guided tour of the small museum in Vichten, which mainly exhibits finds from an archaeological site in Rippweiler.

You can reach the municipality of Vichten, which also includes the village of Michelbuch, by bicycle via the Dällchen cycle route as well as on foot along a walk circuit.