Beckerich - water on the mill

The municipality of Beckerich is known for its mineral water and its use of renewable energy. It has, however, much more to offer to its visitors. The cultural center “d'Millen” is an old mill that has been expertly restored and that now houses a historic sawmill, a museum of old crafts, an art gallery as well as a restaurant with a cozy environment. Furthermore, the mill is the starting point for exciting discovery trails, each dedicated to a different topic such as rural or religious heritage, renewable energy or water. A bicycle path to the 7 + 2 mills and several nature trails also start here. Guided tours through the museum or the trails are available upon request.

In Hovelingen, a pedagogical farm invites to a trekking tour with alpacas, a small camel breed native to the Andes.

You can reach the community of Beckerich, which is highly valued by cyclists via two bicycle paths, two regional cycle paths and the "Jhangeli West Tour". In addition, there are designated trails for mountain-bikers. Upon arrival at the old train station of Nördingen (now a museum), you should park your bike for a moment and have a peek inside at the old front desk of the Attert train route.

If you prefer to travel by foot, you will love the hiking trails of Beckerich, Elvingen and Oberpallen. Sports enthusiasts can expect a rollerblade track and a multi-sports field for numerous outdoor activities.

Are you planning to stay for a few days in the Beckerich? The Bed & Breakfast "Four Oaks" warmly welcomes you in Hüttingen.