Jhangeli West Tour (11 km)

Jhangeli West Tour (11 km)

Jhangeli West Tour (11 km)

This cycle tour is family-friendly and takes you into a discovery across 5 villages from the municipalities of Beckerich and Redange. The trip leads you mostly through open ground with vast panoramic views on meadows and forests. On the way you will have the opportunity to visit two small ancient railway stations. After this varied cycle tour, you can visit the ancient crafts museum and old sawmill and the restaurant or the brasserie at the beautifully renovated old mill of Beckerich.


Departure : Huewelerstrooss 103 L-8521 Beckerich

Arrival : Huewelerstrooss 103 L-8521 Beckerich

Parking : Free parking along the street.

Distance : 10,953 km

Altitude : 302 m

Time : 00h45

Difficulty :


Beckerich - Huttange - Niederpallen - Noerdange - Schweich


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General information

Jhangeli West Tour (11 km)

103, Huewelerstrooss
L-8521 Beckerich
T : 28 22 78 62
E :
W : www.dmillen.lu
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