Guttland.Trail Siwe Brécke-Wee

Guttland.Trail Siwe Brécke-Wee

Little ponds, bark mulch paths, a stream winding through the mysterious Schankegriecht valley, numerous narrow wooden bridges, the peace of nature … the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries!

The five-kilometre Guttland.Trail begins in Reimberg at the 19th-century St Roch Chapel. The dirt path at the beginning of the trail leads through a beautiful quiet forest with some clearings. The highlight of the tour is definitely the valley of the "Schankegriecht". A valley that takes its name from the legend of the "Schankemännchen", a "little bone man" who is said to have frightened the inhabitants of surrounding villages at night. Along a stream, past imposing rocky landscapes, wooden bridges and natural paths wind their way. Finally, the forest clears and the hiker faces wide fields and meadows in a gently rolling landscape, which offers picturesque views of the rural life of Guttland. 


Departure : Parking St. Rochus-Kapelle Reimberg (Commune Preizerdaul - Luxemburg)

Arrival : Parking St. Rochus-Kapelle Reimberg (Gemeinde Preizerdaul - Luxemburg)

Parking : Free car park at the start of the Guttland.Trail, which is located right next to the St. Rochus Chapel. There is a public WC and a tap with drinking water at the car park itself.

Distance : 5,148 km

Altitude : 382 m

Time : 01h25

Difficulty :


The hiking trail is marked in both walking directions. Please follow the white-green waymarks.

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Guttland.Trail Siwe Brécke-Wee

L-8614 Reimberg
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